Coaching for Business Owners and Enterpreneurs

Why hire a coach?

There are many reasons to hire a coach:

  1. Your business is growing and you want to keep it that way
  2. You need to make changes in your business to improve performance
  3. You personally need to change keep pace with the changes happening in the business

What can a coach help with?

There is no strict answer to this question.  Every business owner and entrepreneur has their own issues that they are dealing with.  One area where a business owner may find coaching helpful is in dealing with the personal changes they need to make to keep pace with the growth and change in the operating model of the business model.  Such as:

  • Dealing with the introduction of professional management into a business
  • The creation and implementation of greater corporate governance (such as independent boards of directors) or
  • The transition from private to public company.

My role will be to help in that developmental transition, to bridge the gap between creative genius and corporate life.

Why is a coach different from other service providers or advice givers?

As a businessman you are likely to already be surrounded by people who give you advice:

  • Management
  • Professional advisors
  • Other business associates
  • Family
  • Friends

Some of these people are paid significant amounts of money to tell you what to do – a good coach is not supposed to be another one.

As your coach, my role is to help you explore your own ideas in an uncluttered environment so that you can come up with the best choices for you.  My job is to be an expert in the process of changing behavior rather than in giving instructions.  I have no self interest in the outcome of your choices – I am not selling you my advice or opinions.

To the other extreme, while as your coach I will be friendly, I am not there as your friend; I am your advocate, who wants the best for you.

My role is to hold you accountable and challenge you to grow.  Unlike a friendship, coaching is unilateral and exclusively focused on your goals and not mine.  My role is to support you when you need it but to also help you understand when you need to change.

What does a coach do?

The role of a coach varies greatly depending on what you want to work on.  Briefly, as a coach, I work with you to help you:

  1. Give you time and space to think out loud in a secure environment
  2. Become fully self-generative and self-motivated to achieve what you really want
  3. Take smart actions rather than just be busy
  4. Set larger and more rewarding goals in both your personal and professional life  
  5. Focus on things that are really important to you and remove irritations

Why hire me?

I am an Australian who has lived and worked in Russia since 1995. I am married to a Russian and have a Russian family.  As a result, I have a deep understanding of Russian culture and the Russian way of doing things but, at the same time, I do not accept that it is the only way to do things.  I will challenge this thinking.

As well as being a former partner of the international consulting company, PwC, I was also the Chief Financial Officer and member of the board of Rolf Group, Russia’s largest independent car distributor/retailer.  I therefore have the unique experience of working closely with business owners and entrepreneurs as well as understanding large corporations. 

As your coach, I can draw upon the skills and experiences I have developed over the years to help you with what you want to develop. I have always been direct and forceful in my career and my coaching style will be the same.  I am sure that I will ask more from you than you will of yourself.

To compliment my own business experience and skills, I have undertaken the necessary training to become a member of the International Coaching Federation - so you can be sure that you are getting someone qualified to work with.

All of this adds up to someone who can provide you with both the support and challenge that you need to make the changes you want.  I believe that I can provide a unique insight that many other coaches in the market will not be able to match.