Do you spend too much time in meetings?

Electronic calendars are a fantastic tool. They allow you to know where you need to be when where ever you are. If you want a meeting with someone, you can just send them an invitation and it shows up in their calendar. There is a downside to this - do you now spend your life in meetings? Do you open your calendar in the morning and see no white space? How can you get more control over this? I suggest you ask three simple questions when anyone asks for a meeting:

  1. Is it URGENT?
  2. WHAT is it about?
  3. How LONG do you need?

Asking these three questions really focuses the mind of the people wanting to meet you. You'll know:

  1. how important it is;
  2. whether its something you want to meet about; and
  3. a realistic time fame.

If you ask these questions you will be amazing at how many 15 minute meetings appear in your diary. And after 15 minutes you can throw them out. One final point - if you have a personal assistant, get them to ask the questions and remove the administrative burden altogether. If you would like to know more feel free to drop me an email.

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