Recent presentation at the 2013 Russian CFO Summit

Earlier in the week I was invited to speak at the 10th Anniversary Adam Smith Russian CFO Summit (  While I have been invited to speak and/or attend previously, I have never been able to.  It is the #1 CFO event in Russia and is pretty much a who’s who of the CFO world.

I was speaking in the second session – The Finance Team As An Advisor And Business Partner To The Wider Organisation.  Ahead, I summarised my presentation as follows:

It’s not all about numbers

Success as a CFO needs more than just your finance skills.  Making the jump to CEO is even harder.  While good CFOs form an integral part of a company’s finance function, great CFOs form an integral part of a company’s management function.

Achieving this requires a focus on strategic vision, strong leadership and outstanding people skills.  Find out what are the common areas for CFO development from someone who works one-on-one with them.  Learn some simple tips for improving your own effectiveness and broadening your impact.  Find out how you can motivate and develop your subordinates with some simple changes in the way you interact with them.

The principle aim was to have the participants realise that one of the most important roles that they play in the organisation is actually to develop the people in the organisation. If you are interested in more details, you can download a copy of the presentation handout ( ).

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