Do you listen in meetings?

I covered this in the presentation I did at the Russian CFO summit but I thought that I would expand on it a little bit more for those of you who didn’t see it.

Yes, I am sure that when someone comes into your office you hear what he or she is saying but are you really listening? 

Do these statements describe you?

  1. I am able to go from meeting to meeting all day with no need to clear my mind between them
  2. I can mentally tune out when the person is overly detailed or verbose without losing context
  3. I do not need to focus when I do not think it is relevant to the decision at hand
  4. I am the one who fills silences in conversations
  5. I am so in touch with my subordinates that I often finish their sentences
  6. I interrupt a conversation if I know where it is going to keep it moving
  7. I am able to multitask and remain focused on the conversation

If you answered yes, maybe you’re not really listening as well as you could.

There are huge advantages to improving your listening skills.  If you can focus on the person that is talking rather than just what they are saying, you will have a much better view of what is going on around you.  It will help you answer the questions of not just what they want but also why they want it.

All of this ultimately translates into much better decision-making.


You described me perfectly. I thought this was a good thing

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