What makes great leaders?

I came across an excellent article a while back entitled “10 Things the Greatest Leaders All Have in Common.”  The 10 things identified were:

  1. Know the power of feelings
  2. …But be tough in a crisis
  3. Know what makes employees stay and leave
  4. Judge people by what they're good at
  5. Hubris is your greatest weakness
  6. Culture is what you do, not what you say
  7. Managers are about processes, leaders are about people
  8. Know thyself
  9. Convey authority and warmth
  10. Inspire by showing people the importance of their jobs

What is interesting is the focus on understanding people and how they feel rather than your ability to manage them.  Again, it comes to what I always say to my clients, “if you want to build a business relationship with someone, you have to be personal.” If you are interested in the full article, you can read it here.

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