Are you chasing “work/life balance”?

 A change in focus can make a big difference!

I work with a lot of people.  Most of them are executives or professionals in high positions in their organisations.   This often translates to difficult jobs requiring their constant attention and large amounts of their time.  It is no wonder then that work/life balance is a common topic of discussion – how to achieve that illustrious balance of time between what you need to at work and what you want to do at home.

To deal with this issue, we start by discussing what balance means and what they are really finding difficult.  Not surprisingly, the issue seems to be not that the time is not balanced: people actually seem okay with the fact that they spend more time working than having fun.  The frustration seems to come when they can’t do something specific because work gets in the way.  And this is the key point. What people often want is not balance but rather control over their time.  When you look at it like this it is not balance that you want but rather flexibility when you need it.

And this is what I think people need to change – Aim for Work Life Flexibility!!!  As long as you are in control of your time and can leave work when you need to do something else you will find this enough to keep you happy. 

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