What makes a great leader?

When I ask people “what makes them a good manager?” they often consider the ability to get things done as extremely important.  However when I ask employees what makes a good manager I get a rather different answer.  It is much less task focused and much more personal.

A while ago I read an article, which summarized 10 things, that great leaders all have in common.  The 10 things were:

  1. Know The Power Of Feelings
  2. …But Be Tough In A Crisis
  3. Know What Makes Employees Stay And Leave
  4. Judge People By What They’re Good At
  5. Hubris Is Your Greatest Weakness
  6. Culture Is What You Do, Not What You Say
  7. Managers Are About Processes, Leaders Are About People
  8. Know Thyself
  9. Convey Authority And Warmth
  10. Inspire By Showing People The Importance Of Their Jobs

As you can see, they all relate to soft skills.  It shows how great leaders move above the tasks at hand and motivate and inspire people.

What is interesting is the first two.  A great leader should know how to be in touch with people’s feelings but at the same time be tough in a crisis.  This is a mix of leadership styles and it is this flexibility that makes them successful.

If you are interested in the article, you can find it here.

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