Making small out loud commitments can start the path to a big change

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has not been updated for ages.  You may have assumed that I am no longer coaching and the site has gone quiet.  Or maybe you thought I just had nothing new to say.

Both of these assumptions are incorrect:

- I am still actively coaching people to help them develop both themselves and the people around then; and

- I ALWAYS have something to say.

So why have I been quiet?  The answer comes down to commitment to get it done.  Updating my blog is has been on my ToDo list for months.  Every week it popped up as due,  and every week I thought - "I am too busy this week" and postponed it another week.  Then I got annoyed for not doing it!

One thing coaching has taught me is that the chances of my clients actually doing something hugely increases just by getting them to make an external commitment to do it.  This is not about goal setting and personal development plans.  This is about small annoying things.  

Here is an example:   A client was complaining that, for months, they wanted to go to the gym but never did as something (usually work) always got in the way. As it was important, I asked them to agree with me that they would go to the gym once next week (we even agreed the day).  When we met the next time it was no surprise to find out that they actually went.  Why?  Because not going no longer meant just postponing something, it meant that they would have to tell me they failed.  This itself was enough to change the result.

So, like going to the gym, I am making and external commitment to spending time updating my  blog.

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