What is a Karri Tree and why is it like a coach

Karri trees are the tallest hardwood trees in the world. It is native and unique to the southwest region of Western Australia. The name 'karri' is the Aboriginal word for the Eucalyptus Diversicolor.  It grows up to 90 metres tall and 9 meters around.

As a result of their immense height, karri trees were used as forest fire lookout posts.  One of the most famous karri trees is The Gloucester Tree. First constructed in 1947, at 72 metres high and 7.3 metres around, it is the world's tallest fire-lookout tree. You can still visit and climb it.

There are two reasons to hire a coach:

1. You feel that you are underperforming in something and you want to improve it
2. You are at the top of your game and want to make sure that you stay there

To me, a karri tree is the perfect image of a coach.  If you are wondering through the forest and you get stuck in the mud, a karri tree is the perfect tree to latch on to so you can pull yourself out.  Then, at other times, it provides the perfect support so that  you can climb to the top of the forest to get a birds eye view.

What better image for an Australian coach than an Australian tree.